Karina Furhman MFA is a professional fine artist whose focuses are both figurative sculpture and photography. Photography has brought the joy of capturing beauty and special events to her life. As a little girl growing in Latvia's capital Riga, Karina loved exploring and seeing the beauty in everything. Karina does not specialize in one single genre of photography, she feels there are too many incredible things to capture to limit herself in that way. 

Fast paced events, weddings, kids, headshots, fashion, drones, nature, architecture, animals and the bustling speed of city life all draw Karina's eye to their own forms of beauty. Her photo-journalistic style of event photography allows the capturing of both what occurs at the event as well as the most meaningful moments. In her portrait work Karina seeks to capture the true essence of a person. Her clients feel open, comfortable and calm with Karina's approach resulting in very personal portraits. She turns photos around quickly and her work is reasonably priced.

Interview with Karina: http://zoneonearts.com.au/karina-furhman