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I am a San Pablo home owner and professional figurative sculptor, and I have been attending the San Pablo Avenue Complete Streets Project workshop, where I was inspired to envision a public monument at San Pablo Avenue and Robert Miller Drive. I’ve been doing a lot of research on the local and national Native American tribes and was interested to learn that female chiefs were a common occurence. This led me to the concept of a female chief that would commemorate Native Americans and be a positive and strong image for the city. These are photos of a very early ‘rough draft’ of the sculpture that I am currently working on, also known as a sculptural ‘maquette’.

The final piece I envision would be cast in bronze, twice life size, about 10-12 feet tall, and be facing San Francisco on a tall base. It would have a relatively small footprint and could be placed at the left turn signal island facing south on San Pablo Avenue as cars turn left onto Robert Miller Drive. This vantage point creates a dramatic view of the chief’s profile as vehicles travel down Robert Miller Drive.
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